Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Early Christmas!

Since we were originally planning to leave next week for Kazakhstan, we already had everything ready to celebrate Christmas on December 13th. When our travel plans got pushed back, we gave the kids the choice - stick with Early Christmas or celebrate on the 25th. It will come as little surprise that they chose to open presents two weeks early :)

So today is Christmas! Our day started with a generous kid-approved sleep in until 7:45 and a breakfast prepared by Sam! Life cereal for breakfast, a family favorite. What a swell kid.

After breakfast came the traditional dramatic reading of the Christmas Story from Luke and Matthew. For the second year in a row, Sam did the reading - this year in the King James version! Ben and Daddy provided a moving interpretation of the story using our stuffed nativity set. And, yes, once again it was the most boisterous and often violent retelling around... if it wasn't the angel bouncing on the shepherds, it was Ben the Giant stomping in to wreck havoc. Oh well, it's all about making the Bible relevant, right? (things I tell myself to make it all feel better)

We had a lovely day opening gifts, playing new board games, assembling Legos, making cookies, watching the snow fall outside, and looking pretty darn fine in this year's tie dyes (see previous years here - 2007, 2006, and 2005). I try to select a shirt that's relevant to the year's interests, so this Christmas it's shirts with the seal of Kazakhstan! I think it's some of my nicest work yet... and the orange shirt Ben's holding is Sestra's for when she comes home!

And now we're 30 minutes away from dinner, so I better go find the table under all of those Legos. Merry Early Christmas to all!


Breezy said...

Merry Christmas Morningstar's

Kristen and Jim Powell said...

True Tie Die Amazingness!

Butch and Tracy said...

Merry Cristmas Morningstar family. I hope it was blessed. Looks like you all had a blast! Just think, next year you will have a party of 5!!!


Jennifer M said...

Merry early Christmas!! I love to see the photos of the "destruction" afterwards. They make me smile as I know it truly was a festive and merry morning.

Life cereal! What a great way to start Christmas morning. :-)

I can't wait until Gigi is old enough to re-enact the Christmas story as it's our tradition to read it also before we do gifts. Right now she walks around and says, "Thank you God!" I'll take that for now! :-)

It sounds like you guys had a wonderful day.

The Fox Den said...

Fun! The shirts are fabulous... Merry Christmas!

Trudi said...

what a wonderful Christmas! Very cute and your traditions are wonderful and yes, it is all about making things meaningful!

Jason Russell said...

Love the shirt in waiting for Sestra!

The Stackler Clan said...

Jamie, I have to get tie dye tips from you, I did it this year at our youth retreat and it was a hit! Our shirts didn't turn out nearly as fabulous as yours. What is your method?


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