Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She'll have fashionable headwear!

A few weeks ago, Sam started loom knitting a hat for Sestra. Apparently, loom knitting is all the rage in Miss Shelly's 2nd-4th grade class and when Sam saw the looms in Sestra's closet (they were purchased to make circles for her dotty walls) he got super excited about making a hat for Sestra! He wanted to make it in Kazakhstan colors, so we chose yellow, and you can see by the tongue out in the photo that clearly loom knitting requires intense concentration.

Aunt Sarah and I joined in the fun today and we finished up Sestra's hat, created a matching one for sestra baby, and Sam even started a new one (this time in green) for Ben! We are going to be one good-looking, warm-headed family in Kazakhstan!

Here's Ben looking awfully cute, modeling with sestra baby. The hat is a little snug on him, so hopefully it'll fit Sestra just right!


sandyamstar said...

How do you place an order with Sam the Milliner?

Jennifer said...

Wow, that's awesome! Can he go into business and make some for us too! :-)

Those are great hats and an adorable photo!

Tracy said...

OMgoodness, that is so sweet! What a thoughtful little guy. Maybe one for Asher would be great... I heard it is cold in Korea this time of year. He may need a hat as he does not have much hair.

Great job Sam. What a blessing you are to your family and Sestra. Keep being the way you are and you are destined for great blessings.

Faire1 said...

Maybe Sam can knit some tea cozies - if they are too small for people's heads to wear as hats !!!

I'm really not this airheaded. . .
at least most of the time!


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