Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow Fun

We have had a ton of snow here in Utah over the past few days and if you know anything about the Morningstars, you know that we've been out to enjoy it! You'll have to bear with me on this blog post, my children were just so unbelievably adorable that I have to share way too many pictures. (this one is of Sam trying his darndest to catch a snowflake on his tongue)

Sam was hellbent on getting to the library yesterday to get a new Encyclopedia Brown book and since I refused to drive the 3 blocks in the of snow, we hoofed it! We had a marvelous morning together and the kids made it there and back again (with two Encyclopedia Brown books and a movie. Life is good!). Ben's energy did wane a bit towards the middle of our journey home, but he was sustained by gnawing on icicles gathered from the little league bleachers (yes, I know he's probably getting all sorts of weirdness from eating icicles, but Ben and I see eye to eye on this and agree that no pollutant can steal our joy from eating ice and snow. We eat raw cookie dough, too. What can I say, we live dangerously!).

There was enough energy left over when we got home for a few stellar snow angles, but alas the boys decided that the rented movie was more appealing than making a snowman. I can't blame them, I was ready to get indoors, too.

Oh, and I can't resist sharing this lovely photo of Steve and me at Sundance before our new job celebratory dinner. With all of the snow, we weren't sure if we would make it up there, but the Subaru did us proud and we enjoyed a fabulous night out together.

And today brought more fun in the snow for Steve and Jamie - a ski day at Snowbird! As you can tell, we had a very snowy day! The snow was heavier than we're used to (I know, we're such ski snobs now after 7 years in Utah!) but we found plenty of stashes to enjoy and had a fabulous day enjoying good turns and great company (each other!).

Here's a choice shot of my hubbie floating by:
Oops! Well, if you're not falling, you're not skiing hard enough. See, I told you there was a lot of snow! Swim free, Steve!

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Butch and Tracy said...

That looks like snow much fun! I have bit been skiing much out here in Ohio, but we do go sledding and snowtubing when we can! It just does not snow a lot here.

Glad you all enjoyed your time together celebrating. You have SO much to be thankful for this Christmas.


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