Monday, December 22, 2008

Job-free No More!

I'm officially employed again! Although Steve and I were really fine with me not starting anything until after we return from Kaz, I have to admit that it feels good to have something lined up already. And it has all been truly orchestrated from above.

You know that our adoption stuff has been a little wonky lately (dates changing, there have been some complications with bringing the boys, I have to redo a bunch of paperwork because it's now a year old... you know, the usual) and I honestly haven't been left with very much time or energy for the job hunt. But it was hunting me! Through truly no effort of my own (besides a couple of interviews), I signed papers today for a fantastic new position! I'll be working as a Sr. Product Manager for UCN, a hosted call center software company in Midvale.

For the first six months, I'll be contracting for them, which ordinarily wouldn't be my first choice, but works perfectly for my current situation since it gives me huge flexibility to be gone for seven weeks in Kaz. They have been amazingly flexible and I'll start January 5th and work as long as I can before leaving, and then just pick up again when I get back. It's fantastic! They have been really accommodating about the commute time, using public transportation, and working from home. This is one heck of a company.

And the timing is perfect - it lets me enjoy the (late) holidays at home and do some early packing for the trip, Steve can work full time all the way through Sundance's busy season, and I'll have something to start and then come back to once we get return from Kazakhstan!

And now it's time to leave for our celebratory dinner at the Tree Room! Wahoo and God bless my Sundance employee!


Joby and Marla said...

The last minute stuff stressed me out but don't worry because everything will work out.

Congrats on the new job!!!

At least it will take some of your stress away & once you meet your girl you will find it was all worth it!!!!!

Lisa and Thal said...

Congratulations, that's great news, and the flexibility--wow! One less stressor, and believe me, you'll need to be as stress free as possible. If I have one more adoption meltdown, it'll be scary. Hope to see you in KZ!


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