Thursday, December 31, 2009

Romping in South Fork

Our dog has a lot of energy. A lot. I believe that her energy level even surpasses that of our kids. Woah. So, we try to take her on lots of walks and regular romps, our favorite romping spot being South Fork. Here are a few favorite photos from some recent walks in the canyon:

Sam is our professional snowball thrower for Chorney. He's really good at finding hunks of snow (Utah snow generally doesn't pack very well) and chucking them for the dog. Between chasing snowballs and her full-speed laps around us, romps work off a good bit of Chorney's energy

I just can't get enough of these two in their snow gear! They're like two little snow elves and they just crack me up as they waddle over hill and dale

Two cuties pause for a breather (Ben's hat is part of his 2007 Halloween costume, GIR the alien disguised as a dog. Apparently I made the hat with plenty of room to grow)

Nobody has to teach this kid to eat snow - the second we get out of the car she's consuming it by the handful. We do try and direct her away from the parking lot snow

A happy, romping family (sans Daddy, who's working every day through the holidays)

The boys' favorite activity is filling the stream with snow and screaming with gusto about damn snow dams. I'm pretty sure this is the only reason they acquiesce to the romps

When time allows, the boys like to take a few slides down the hill. Funny thing that they're so tired during the walk but then have plenty of energy to scramble repeatedly up an icy hill to sled down...

Chorney's doggie beard does freeze up rather nicely - I think it makes her look distinguished

And we get views like this on the drive home! God bless Utah

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kloe said...

Hey this is Jeff and Penny Thompson. We just logged on to see how the doggy was doing!! She looks so cute! Glad to see one of the pups go to a great home, looks like you have a lot of fun with her. Love the Blog!
Penny and Jeff


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