Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dragon Boots

April showers are a whole lot more fun when you have a new pair of Dragon Boots to stomp about in. And adding a pair of goggles certainly does complete the ensemble.

Ben, Sasha, and I went shopping today, focusing on Sasha's needs for simple clothing. Steve and I have been completely bewildered by most of the girls' clothing we have. It's all so particular - like jeans with pink floral ruffles that perfectly match the pink floral shirt but exclude them from wear with a red shirt (terrible example, but it really causes us no end of stress). We had no idea how terribly complicated girls' clothing is. So today I got solid shirts and plain shorts and pants for Sasha... I do so love the cutsie girlie stuff but sometimes a girl just needs a t-shirt! Note: do not allow this to dissuade you from purchasing adorable outfit-set-things for Sash. Those are expensive and delightful and we will gratefully accept them as gifts and supplement them with $3 khaki shorts to safeguard our sanity :)

The goggles came with a pair of swimshorts that Ben chose (I suspect they were chosen specifically because of the "free" goggles) and while at Gymboree our eyes spotted an upgrade to the Shark Boy Boots made famous in such posts as: Ben the Chocolate Monkey Shark Boots Boy, God bless the U.S.A., and The Craziest Child Ever Created. I only hope that the Dragon Boots will be so treasured.


HAH said...

Those are the coolest!

Jo Gram said...

I found that shopping in the toddler boys' section for basic khaki and jean shorts was the easiest way for me to dress my daughter when she was a tiny little thing. Girl shorts? Hoochie short and ruffly to boot that barely covered her diapered behind. Same size boy shorts? Simple and two inches longer.
It's not so bad once your daughter graduates from the toddler section to the little girl section - fewer clothes sold as "outfits" and more individual pieces. The prices, however, double (or triple!) and the hoochie factor increases exponentially.
Good luck! Dressing a girl is an adventure, yeah?

Lou Ann said...

As you can tell from Lexie's pictures we are all about the cute factor and matching everything. I find Babies R Us to be great and surprisingly cheap. I know what you mean about being able to mix those sets though. But you'll have to admit you have a LOT more choices with girls clothes. No matter what you put Sasha in she'll look adorable so who care if she has a pink shirt with red shoes and blue socks!

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Joby and Marla said...

Come on now.... Girl clothes are soooo cute!!!! You have about 3 or 4 times the stuff to pick from plus there are always great accessories!!!!

I get no thrills out of buying boy clothes & Kylie was never a girlie girl:)

Anonymous said...

Dragon boots are nice but where are the fins:(
Pink flowers and blue flowers can be coordinated with green flowers and yellow flowers...what's the problem? And lace goes with anything!!! Gramma

Jstar said...

They do have spikes in back! We'll have to get a good photo of the dragons in peripheral

tac said...

I've got to say ... those are the coolest boots EVER .. Do they have them in adult sizes???

Lyndsie said...

I think I must completely disagree and maybe its just my Louisiana influence, but I believe those are Gator boots. Gators do hang out in the water you know!?

Susan said...

very cool boots..and girls clothing is quite complicated with it's wide array of choices (capri's, shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans, skorts) etc. It's very easy to get into trouble very quickly...especially for a major fashionista like myself. :)

However-I have discovered the joy of ebay, consignment sales, and the like and Leeza now has the most extensive wardrobe EVER...and i have so much fun dressing her everyday. :)

I can't even walk into gymobree cuz it's all so darn cute. :)

However-there is a way to outfit a girl and not break the just have to look. :)

scompara said...
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Angela said...

I am so with you on being bewildered and overwhelmed by girls' clothes! I am glad there is someone else out there that feels the same. We have a 5 year-old boy, so I was looking forward to all the clothing choices we would have with Alia. But, people say "Don't you love dressing a little girl!" I tentatively say, "yes" with a tight smile and then mutter "there's just so much," to myself. There aren't just jeans with pink ruffles, but also bows and shoes and other accessories!

May we both learn to navigate the world of girls' clothing!

Oh, and I love the boots!


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