Sunday, April 5, 2009


Happy birthday to me! Today I turned 30, which I think sounds a lot older than it feels. I've never been weird about getting "old" - I've heard that the 30's is when you finally get stable, settle into a career, hit your stride with your family, etc and that stuff sounds a-ok to me! I'm not holding my breath on the stability part, though, whenever things are looking stable Steve and I seem to decide that's boring and move on to the next adventure.

We didn't do a giant 30th birthday celebration (yet), although I did go up for a few runs at Sundance yesterday and out to lunch with friends after church today. We will definitely have a big soiree soon in true Morningstar fashion, but with just getting home and not being able to leave Sash yet and getting ready for Sasha's party next week it was all just too much. I've got plenty of time to celebrate; I'll be 30 for a whole year.

The most memorable gift prize has to go to Sam for getting me Aqua Globes, the as-seen-on-TV miracle invention that "waters your plants for you for up to two weeks!" (Sam parroted the infomercial to me several times. No more TV for that kid). He was so proud of himself for picking out a delightful laborsaving gift and the Aqua Globes are already hard at work making my plants happier. I fear that Space Bags or the Topsy Turvy may be on Sam's list for Mother's Day.

Ben picked out a really pretty oil lamp centerpiece that will look very cool on the outside table once the temps warm up a little. Ben always picks out the nicest presents... and now that I think about it they almost always have to do with food. I know he's given me napkins and place mats in the past. Interesting. Well, I can think of worse associations than the Mommy-Dinner connection!

And don't forget my birthday skis! My hubby is extraordinary.

Three decades down... it sure has been an amazing first thirty years.


Beckstrom Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE!!! I even talked to you today and forgot to tell you I am so sorry. I was going to ask you when is Sasha's birthday and how old is she turning. We have a birthday calender for Zoe of all of her friends birthdays.
The Beckstrom's

Jessica and Chris said...

Happy Birthday and welcome to the 30 club!!!! :) Chris turns 33 today (the 6th) so at least your not THAT old! What a great birthday though to be home with your whole family just enjoying the time together. I love the watering bulb for your plants - that is an excellent idea! Less work for mom :)

Jennifer M said...

Happy Birthday Jamie! It does keep getting better and better. I'm glad you had a wonderful day celebrated just how you like best.

The Fox Den said...

I'm glad your day was good! Happy late birthday!

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

hey girl..
happy birthday...
30 club... OH Jess... :-)
I joined last year... so well... it's been ok so far...
well, I did dislocate a knee while sitting.. and well.. well, I will just stop.. :-) ha ha

I have been tempted by the Aqua Globes for years... this is hilarous... you HAVE to let me know if they work.. do you like them.. are they ugly?! Keep me informed.. Phil has hinted at buying them for me... cause I have LOTS of plants... and get tired of watering... I still can't believe you mentioned them.. so funny!!

woohoo4ou said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with Space Bags. We have 2 sets!
Anyway, Happy Birthday!


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