Thursday, April 16, 2009

Seriously - Spring?!?

I was premature with yesterday's post. I knew that the weather forecast said that we might get more snow today. I had no idea they meant that I would wake up to a foot of snow in my backyard on April 16th!

The downer is that I think we lost one of our tall evergreen tree/bush things in the back. Is it a bad thing if it's "standing" at a 45-degree angle? It didn't break, I think that the weight of 12 inches of very heavy snow was too much for the roots to hold on to in the saturated dirt.

Here's a photo of our sad, sad tree after the snow melted a bit. It's original to the house and you'd think that shrubs would last longer than 40 years... oh, wait, I guess you wouldn't.

And here's your bonus photo for the day: Sasha discovers the delicious miracle of the chocolate Easter bunny. This also illustrates our favorite of Sasha's special talents - the chocolate runny nose! It never fails, give her some chocolate and it will invariably leak out of her nose. I tell you, this kid is just full of surprises!

1 comment:

Jennifer M said...

Sasha is one talented girl, let me tell you! I just LOVE that picture of her! She is so happy! Course I'm happy too when I'm eating chocolate. :-)

Snow in April bites! Sorry about the tree- not good at all.


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