Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And Then There Were Two

Word to the wise - never name any pet Lucky. It's tempting the fates and he/she/it will necessarily meet an untimely demise.

We lost Sam's red chick named Lucky last week. He was the smallest of the chicks, so we figured that if we were going to lose one, it would be him. And it was our fault, of course, they ran out of water for a few hours and apparently baby chickens really need water. Don't blame Steve, though, he had strep and was feeling miserable - chickens were the last thing on his mind. You can blame me, but I was at work all day. Let's blame the name Lucky. Yeah, that seems right.

Anyway, our two remaining chicks are happy and healthy (so far as we can tell, not being chicken experts) and they're getting so big! Now that it's finally getting warm again we can let them outside with the kids, which everybody really enjoys.

In fact, Sam has discovered that the chickens and the rent-a-bunnies (that we still haven't returned) make for a pretty good money-making scheme. If you'll recall, Sam is always trying to make a buck, which he promptly "invests" in Legos. Here are a few examples of past attempts, which always make me smile when I'm not cringing in embarrassment about our son walking up and down the street yelling, "yard sale!": Love of a Sibling, Sam the Entrepreneur. Now he's charging folks a dollar to hold the bunnies and chicks. He made $3 today!

Sasha continues to love the chicks and we are very proud that she has not yet squished one. That's not for lack of effort on her part. She is enthusiastic about the chicks as only a two-year-old can be.

Sasha is getting a little frustrated at the chicks now because they're faster than they used to be and it's harder for her to catch them to give them her "special" brand of Sasha "hugs". I think this bodes well for Slime Tree and Siniy's survival.

One more photo of our beautiful little girl, just for good measure. Look how long her hair is getting! Is it a little odd to you that both Morningstar girls' hair is shorter than that of their counterparts (mine is shorter than Steve's, Sasha's is shorter than Sam's and Ben's)? Hmmm... makes ya think. Mostly, it just makes me think that those guys need a trim!


Jennifer M said...

Something tells me the trim part isn't going to go over so well. :-)

She is adorable. She just makes people smile- or at least me. So joyful and happy and free.

Sorry about Lucky!

Anonymous said...

"Lucky's" name was definitely his/her downfall. Hope Ole McMorningstar doesn't lose his farm zoning!

Scissors can be our friend but really cute faces are complimented by any hairstyle...Gramma

Brad and Stacy said...

Jamie, She is beautiful!!!! So glad you ar finally home with her!

sandyamstar said...

Maybe red is a bad color for chicks....sorry to hear about Lucky! Sam ought to add a picture option to his "hold a bunny" moneymaker! Too clever!

Jstar said...

That's a brilliant idea - if only they still sold Polariods!

annafowler said...

How cool! Those chicks are such fun colors and I bet so fun for the kids.

I clicked on your blog link from your post on the utah cleft site. I don't really know anything about palate shapes, but that does make sense that it may influence speech. How is her speech right now?

Good luck with things! Sasha is so cute!

Smith Fam said...

If you decide to do a memorial service for Lucky, I'll be glad to sing. Perhaps, "On the Wings of A Dove" or "I'll Fly Away" would be appropriate.

You could break out the banjo!

Really are sad to see Lucky go. His red was so vibrant...

Jstar said...

Smiths, this comment is a beautiful tribute to Lucky's spirit and joie de vivre. I was thinking Wind Beneath My Wings... it'll be exquisite with the banjo accompanying your voice


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