Thursday, April 2, 2009

Totally Coordinated

No occasion, I just had to dress Sasha up in a party dress last night (this is what happens when the mom of two boys is suddenly blessed with a toddler daughter). Look how well she matches her room decor!

This is not coincidence, however, my three bestest friends picked out this dress for Sash so she could match her polka-dot room theme. Girls, you did well - she looks so adorable! And Sasha just loves dressing up. You should see her light up when we pull out a fluffy dress!

There is no resisting this "pick me up!" face. We are powerless when Sasha pulls out this most formidable of weapons in her cuteness arsenal.


Jennifer M said...

Look at that gorgeous little girl all dressed up! Wow she's precious. And so hard to believe she was a teeny, tiny peanut back in October!

And that was my second thought (first being that she's adorable)- she matches her room!

Susan said...

WHAT A DOLL! love her dress and her room..and yes, so much fun dressing up a lil, ESPEICALLY after having a boy who doesn't care what he wears. SO MUCH FUN. :)

Rayna said...

she is adorable!! i would love to see more pics of the looks amazing. i have 3 boys and am in the process of hopefully adopting a little girl from kazakhstan, so i can totally understand loving the "girly" stuff :) btw, i have loved reading your blog!


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