Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ben on Two Wheels!

This afternoon Ben came in from one of his daily bike rides and announced that he was ready to take his training wheels off. Not one to squelch a child's ambition, and figuring, "what's the worst that can happen?" I grabbed a wrench and removed the training wheels. It was chilly out, so I took Sasha in to grab a fleece and shoes and by the time I got back outside again, this is what I saw:Wowsers - I guess he really was ready to take those training wheels off!

As we cheered Ben along, he happily chanted out, "I'm the Master of Awesomeness!" which we had to agree with. He did later add that he wasn't perfectly awesome yet, because after all, you need to practice to get perfect. And didn't think he was quite ready for a half pipe (although I'm sure it's only a matter of time - Steve offered to take him to the skate park whenever he's ready). The boy has high ambitions after his first day on two wheels!


ault family said...

Way to go Ben! You ARE awesome! :)

I'm not sure why some kids just "get it" so darned quickly, while others (i.e. my daughters) seem to take FOREVER to learn this skill. (I think it is in the gene pool as both grandpas didn't learn until ages 10 and 12.) :)


Lyndsie said...

Master Of Awesomeness indeed!

The Fox Den said...

Sweet! Could he please come over and show Naomi how completely EASY it is. Nice work Ben!!

marymary said...

The boots are the perfect final touch. Or perhaps it was all because of the boots!

sandyamstar said...

Way to go Ben!!! Does this mean that he graduates from the trailer? Another power booster!!!!??

Smith Fam said...

Snap-dog-diggity-skiperooni! Way to go, dude of most awesome-ality!

Susan said...

Master of Awesomeness indeed.
i was just reminising with my son, Sean, when he learned to ride his bike. He would always fall when he passed by the big shrubs down the sidewalk because they potruded out on the sidewalk. I would say, ok..Sean..its YOU vs the can do it! The first time he didn't crash was a big celebration. :)

Ben is a cutie pie. :)

Lisa and Thal said...

Love the boots! Way to go Ben!


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