Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Here's Sam's photo of Sasha and me wearing the fabulous hats he created today. Of course, I'm a queen and she's a princess (don't be confused by the marked similarity of the princess hat design to that of the elf hat - they're totally different. This one's pink). I'm not sure if these top the Thanksgiving hats of 2008, but they're giving them a run for their money!


marymary said...

I need one! Maybe I'll ask Jane, our resident haberdasher.

Karen said...


Amy said...

Thats awesome

Kristen said...

You both look great!

Susan said...

Those are cool hats...Sam is hilarious. :)

Sean pulled a funny yesterday. Leeza doesn't like to say "pleaza" so she was in her high chair and I was pushing the issue.
Sean came over to the computer to and typed in please, and it says it outloud (for pronounciation i guess) so he asks the computer if it would like a pretzel, and the computer says PLEASE, then THANK YOU.
i was rolling-Leeza stopped crying and was mystifed. she did say please, but it took about 45 minutes later. :)


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