Friday, April 24, 2009

Poppop and La Caille

Popppop (Steve's dad, Spike) was in town this week for a ski instructor academy at Snowbird and Sasha's first interaction with her extended family went simply swimmingly! Sash got to hang out with Poppop three times this week (remember, we still aren't ready to have folks staying in our home, so Poppop had a room up at Snowbird) and definitely warmed up to her grandfather. She even gave him fives by the end of our time together, which I'm sure Poppop was simply thrilled with!

On Wednesday Poppop took us out to dinner at La Caille, a rare and wonderful treat. While Steve drove up the canyon to pick Poppop up, the kids and I enjoyed each other's company in the warm sun and the gorgeous gardens that surround the restaurant.

Of course, Sasha's favorite part of it all was the birds - geese and ducks and chickens and swans. It was Sasha heaven! This picture is of Sasha chasing the geese - her hand is up in the air doing her "duck" sign, easily the most oft used sign in the Morningstar household after "milk."

Everybody enjoyed a fabulous dinner, and the boys even sampled escargot - can you believe it?!? Of course, they didn't know it was a snail at the time, Steve just put a little bit on their plates and told them that if they politely ate a "no thank you bite" they could get dessert at the restaurant. Much to my surprise, both boys decided to sample the gray, gooey substance on their plate and Sam even agreed that it "wasn't too bad." That was, of course, before they knew they had eaten a mollusk. Even with the squeals of disgust (there's no point in being tricked into eating a snail if you can't make a fuss about it afterward) I think they agreed it was worth it for chocolate cake and ice cream.

And Sasha ate just about everything in sight, including a shrimp tail that she got her paws on (she's a fast one!) and a lemon wedge. The speech therapist advised Steve that she may become a surprisingly picky eater after her palate is repaired because she'll be able to sense food's texture for the first time, so we're just going to enjoy our non-picky Sasha for as long as it lasts.

Thanks for the great dinner, Poppop, and congrats on being the first grandparent to lay eyes on your beautiful grand- daughter! We’re sure looking forward to the rest of the Grand Squad coming out!


The Fox Den said...

The picture of the three kids is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hello Morningstars. My husband and I are in Kazakhstan bonding with our soon to be son. He was born with a cleft lip and palate so I appreciate your writing about your appointments with all the specialists. I followed your blog while waiting to travel. We have some similarities. We live in Alaska in a ski town and are also wonder each Spring...what is really meant by spring.

Thanks for sharing.
PS: I am having trouble posting a comment
our email address is: winterluna2002@yahoo if you want to corresond about beautiful Kazak children with cleft palates.

Jessica and Chris said...

What a wonderful time you guys had! And everyone looked so nice dressed up :) That dress is just beautiful - :) I am so glad she picked it to wear! It looks like it is nice and warm there. Is there still snow for skiing in the mountains?

Alison said...

Hi Jamie,
Well we were hoping to be en route to Kaz tonight ...but after 7 hours at the airport today (including 2 on the runway) - we are back home. Flight cancelled due to weather in Chicago. Try again tomorrow! So, seeing your blog - those glorious pictures including the great one of the 3 kids! - really cheered me up.

We are sad that you will have to go through all that with Sasha. Boy, is she lucky the universe brought you together - I know you feel the same way too ;-)

Hopefully, the next time we see your blog, we'll be in our apartment in K-ganda! a.

Anonymous said...

Sasha really loves her ducks! Next year rent a duckling...or hatch your own...that would be fun! Gramma


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