Saturday, April 18, 2009

4 Pair for $108

I got some money for my birthday and after a few moments of consideration decided that it was time for a new pair of Birkenstocks. You probably know (and even if you didn't know, you could probably guess) that Steve and I are pretty big Birk fans. I just went up to the closet and snapped this photo - our current total is 15 pairs of Birk shoes and 13 pairs of sandals. And, yes, my "half" of the shoe organizer does take up more space than Steve's "half". And, no, they do not always occupy their little cubbies in the shoe organizer and are usually strewn about the floor in front of the closet.

Anyway, I was the luckiest Birk buyer on earth two weeks ago when I started shopping. I managed to score 4 pair for $108 with shipping! No small miracle, I know. There's an art to Birkenstock shopping - you can find some good deals on eBay or Sierra Trading Post, but I generally buy from Birkenstock Express or Birkenstock Central and I get repairs done by Birkenstock Central or the shoe store in Provo. The real trick is to go a size up and get narrows. I certainly do not have a narrow foot, but the cork and leather stretch out quickly and you can save a ton if you shop for narrows.

I feel like a whole new girl and spent this week designing outfits to show off each new pair. I know that you're dying to be introduced individually to each one, so here goes:

A stunning collection, I know


Jennifer M said...

Nice! I'm a Teva fan myself, so I get it. And I love the ones you're wearing in the last photo. They remind me of my favorite "dress-up" brand- Sofft.

Jessica and Chris said...

My fav is the blue pair! Ok, well if we are naming our favorites I am a Croc fan. I am going to read the blog post of your friend after commenting here. You are right, I love getting comments. And I love the acronym: MWB. Chris will think it is hilarious. He is always talking about me being on the computer :)

Beckstrom Family said...

I love your new shoes!

Lou Ann said...

Sorry I missed your last post but I'm one of your favorite blog stalkers. So I'll try to comment more. I know what you mean though. I didn't even know about the boards and only read 4 blogs before my trip to Kaz for Lexie so I don't have many stalkers. Mine is much more for family - I think. It does give me a nice tingle when I see a comment has been left (I don't know how to get it to come to my email) since my family doesn't leave comments. They just call or email. So I'll do my part to make sure you keep bloggin'. I try to check in before I head to bed since I've gotta know what you've all be up to.

Lou Ann & Lexie too

Susan said...

very cool shoes...and my "fit flops" to me are what your birkenstocks are to you...but they are like $50 a piece and rarely on sale...but i LIVE IN THEM!

Very cool-love them ALL.
My mom used to wear birkenstocks when i was growing up (with socks..HORROR) but she was "cool before her time" and I was embarressed of her fashion travesty. She used to say.."when you get to be my age, honey, you care more abour comfort than fashion"...and I am her age now, but i care about fashion and comfort EQUALLY.
Leeza shares her mothers passion for shoes as well-but they don't make fit flops in her size. :)

sandyamstar said...

Awesome deal!!! I can see Birkenstocks without thinking of a traumatized German lady who tried to help mom buy some! Luckily Sam scored some baby Birks out of the deal!

Smith Fam said...

Nice shoes.

There. I saved a fairy.

Jstar said...

Sandy, I think that Sasha will be able to wear those Birks soon! We'll be sure to take photos :)


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