Friday, March 7, 2008

Ben the Chocolate Monkey Shark Boots Boy

Mommy: Ben, is that chocolate in your hair?
Ben: Look... [exasperated sigh] it's just chocolate syrup.
Daddy: Why do you have chocolate syrup in your hair?
Ben: It was just on the edge.
Daddy: The edge of what?
Ben: The edge of the cup. And it was getting low.
Daddy: Your hair or the cup?
Ben: The chocolate milk
Daddy: Ah. So the chocolate milk was getting low in the cup, the cup had syrup on the edge, and your hair got in the syrup?
Ben: Yes, that's what I told you!

And we thought you would like a photo of Ben in his new shark boots, which he wears everywhere. I asked him how he wanted to pose in his boots, and this is what he gave me! Note the fins in back - I feel that they really complete the sharkiness of the boots.

1 comment:

Scott Reinhart said...

Sweet boots! I really like them.


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