Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Well, we've definitely decided that next year we're going to go through the Resurrection Eggs before breaking out the candy (Ben can pack away the sweets like none other, and if you think he's "active" before sugar, you should see him after a few dozen Peeps!), but other than that we've had a really fun Easter!

The festivities started Saturday when a couple of friends came over for egg hunt mania, which is always fun. Interestingly, my boys got the most excited about the eggs with quarters in them and the eggs filled with stickers - although the M&M's eggs will always be popular as well. Today (Sunday) we started with the traditional consumption of the chocolate bunny ears and Ben and I ate about 45 Peeps each (which he originally called "chips" which did lead to a lot of confusion until we realized that he probably meant "chicks" which is really only a small logical leap from "Peeps"). Then we went through our Resurrection Eggs, which is a cool set of 12 plastic eggs that Grammy got for Sam when he was an itty bitty - each egg holds a reminder of a part of the Resurrection story, such as a nail or a piece of leather or a rock. This year Sam read about each item as Ben opened up the eggs, which was a lot more fun than the usual "now it's my turn to open the egg!" bickering.

(This is a photo of Ben with a whole Peep in his mouth) On an amusing non-Easter-related note, on the way to church today Sam asked, "Dad, you know the special kind of cell that men make that you need to make a baby? How does that get inside the mommy?" Needless to say, we postponed that conversation until after church when we had more time. Kids, you've got to love 'em.

And now the ham is almost done and it's time to set the table and eat! We hope that your Easter has been as full of life, hope, and joy as ours has!

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Jason Russell said...

Well that was a totally random question from Sam. How 'bout that?


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