Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another Grand Visit

Steve's parents (Gramma and Poppop, Spike and Sharon) were in town last week and we thought we'd tell you more about our second "Grand" (get it - grand parents - my parents came, and then Steve's parents came, so it's a second grand visit?!? Yes, it's exceedingly clever) visit in the month of February.

They flew in the night before Sam's birthday, so they were able to celebrate both Sam's 7th birthday and his 7th birthday party with us. Way fun! They actually spent most of their days enjoying the Utah powder while Steve and I worked and the boys were in school, but don't worry, we managed to work in some play time as well, including teaching them how to play Rock Band on the 360 (they were astoundingly good!), helping Spike find a Nintendo Wii to buy (he likes the golfing game), and going bowling at Fat Cats (you'll remember that Sam's birthday party last year was a Star Wars bowling party at Fat Cats and he and Ben just love bowling, as long as it includes bumpers and a ramp to roll the ball down). Bowling was a blast, and Sam gave Poppop a run for his money, but Poppop prevailed in the end, even without bumpers, and breaking 100!

As you can tell, we had a full and fun visit with Gramma and Poppop! Now we just need to figure out how to find time to get out in the snow as much as our guests do! Oh, wait, now that I think about it, Steve already has that figured out... apparently I'm just the slow learner :)

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Scott Reinhart said...

Time to try duck pins!!!


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