Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ben writes his name and coats himself in chocolate

Here is our fabulous Ben next to the completely independent writing of his name for the first time! I'm so proud of our little preschooler - he's already reading lots of words, knows most of his 72 phonograms, and now he's (almost) writing his name!

I thought you'd also enjoy this lovely shot taken of Ben this afternoon. He was munching on his Easter bunny when Mommy fell asleep on the Lovesac (is there anything better than Sunday naps?!?) and didn't want to disturb me and so kept holding on to his bunny until Steve discovered hands that looked like this! He was so sweet (pun intended) and kept repeating that he just didn't want to wake me up (I think the thought that we would be upset about the colossal mess) and he was successful - I didn't wake up until I heard the bath running and found some very chocolaty patches on my shirt!

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