Friday, May 6, 2011

Tree Climbing - New Heights

by Sam

Hence the name of the blog, we're heading to new heights!  We used to only be able to only go to the top of the main trunk, but now we're heading up the branches and as you see we're really, really high.

If you look next to the tree trunk you can see WanYing in a little striped shirt.

I'm not really scared when I go up that high, unless it happens to be a little tad windy.  When it's windy it really shakes around.  Well, it shakes around whenever, but when it's really windy, bleh.  Not fun.

That concludes Sam's part of the blog post. (last sentence by Sam)

[Ben's part]
I cannot get nearly as high as Sam.  Sam's good at climbing, I'm good at races.  Cause I really think I'm afraid of heights.

That's the blog post.  Signing out.


The Raudenbush Family said...

Hi - I couldn't find a contact button or email on your blog. My husband and I along with a board of directors just launched a nonprofit last month to give grants to adoptive families (The Sparrow Fund - We're looking for adoptive family blogs to post about it to get the word out. If you have any interest, can you email me at We'd love to get you involved!

Laura García said...

Es muy valiente!!! :D

Muchas fuerzas para WanYing en su operación del lunes, y para vosotros que la espera sea corta!
Les mando un abrazo enorme!!

Con cariño,

It is very brave! : D

Many forces to WanYing in its operation on Monday, and for you that the wait is short!
I send a big hug!

With love,


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