Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Phrases that Strike Fear into a Parent's Heart

The top 5 phrases we dread hearing from the girls (ok, mostly Sasha, WanYing still mostly talks in single words):
  1. "May I please have more [name of food or beverage]" - we will honor the polite request only to have her leave the table 5 minutes later with the extra [name of food or beverage] untouched
  2. "I do it myself" - this means that there will soon be a giant mess to clean up, which Sasha will clean up herself using the dish towels and we will later find stiff, milk-soaked or marker-stained towels hanging on the oven
  3. "Chorney, out!" - Chorney has eaten something that Sasha probably put into her mouth in the first place and she is now upset that the dog is gnawing on it.  Usually ends in wailing and tears.
  4. "Holy Smokes!" - we hear this a lot.   Sometimes it means that something good (from the parental perspective) has happened.  But mostly it's an exclamation that means that there's a mess to clean up, as mentioned in item #2
  5. "I help" - the most dreaded of all.  The project will now take three times as long and a ginormous auxiliary mess will be made in the process (again, see #2 above).  But smiles will abound... so maybe it's not so bad after all :)


Cathy Lyon said...

Too funny! "I help" also struck tremendous fear in our hearts as we knew our patience would be stretched far beyond reasonable limits!

Marianne said...

Loved this post! And fear the same phrases with my now 3 year old!

aultfamily said...

Very funny! If only the dog could talk for itself.

I'm still wondering when the messy phase ends, as in, when will my hubby clean up the messes he makes from "helping"? :o

Becca B said...

It is so nice to feel that someone else understands our life! (sans the dog . . . and with boys, not girls . . . and it's the younger of our two who speaks clearly in completely sentences.)


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