Sunday, May 1, 2011

Respect your Roots

We consider WanYing's new-found obsession with her animated Mao alarm clock a parenting victory - after all, we do try to raise our girls with a respect for and interest in their countries of origin.

Mao cheerily waves his little red book every half second, and WanYing happily returns the wave every time.  A poignant birth country connection?  Perhaps not.  But it's an entertaining one for all!

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Lou Ann said...


I just want to say what a pleasure is was meeting you IRL on Thursday. Lexie asked on the way to church this morning if we were going to meet Ms Jamie's girls and boys at church today:-) It's so hard to get her to understand distance.

I hope you'll be back our way soon as I have so many other questions I wanted to are both the girls doing with their verbal skills? Do you think WanYing understands what you are saying and is she trying to speak English with you yet? How are the boys adjusting? They seem to be such open, loving boys but hey, they have to share mom and dad now.

Lots more to talk about so call when work brings you back. It was wonderful talking to a mom that actually understands the whole experience instead of just asks questions out of curiosity. Plus you've always been someone I've admired from afar in the blog world. Now I like you In Real Life too.

Happy Mother's Day X 4!!
Lou Ann & Lexie too


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