Friday, May 13, 2011


Because the cast wasn't dramatic enough, this week WanYing decided to meet the corner of the coffee table with her eye! At least her complexion now coordinates nicely with her purple princess shirt.

I remember my mom telling me that there were times in my toddlerhood that she forced me to wear tights under my dresses even in the summer because my legs were so bruised and banged up she thought folks would assume the worst.  I'm starting to think she had a good point... but how does one disguise a cast and black eye?

Speaking of the cast, WanYing is doing really well with her sad little casted hand. She's off of all of the pain meds now except for bedtime and isn't bothered too awfully much by the bandages, although she does pull at them at night.

The only thing that isn't going well is the "keep cast clean and dry" instruction - how in the world are we supposed to keep a two-year-old's hand clean and dry for a month? So far, it's clean except for the guacamole/sour cream/pizza sauce/orange smeared all over the palm. So, yes, by our standards it's passably clean.

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