Sunday, May 8, 2011

Celebrating Five Moms

This Mother's Day, five flowers graced our table.  We are so very blessed to celebrate the five mothers in our lives.

It's easy to be grateful for Grammy and Gramma, two strong, faith-filled moms who continue to model Christ's love to us through their own trials and ours.

It's easy for me to be grateful that God has blessed me with four astounding kiddos - granted, the feeling of gratitude wains with temper tantrums and midnight wakeups and screaming matches, but the truth of that gratitude never leaves.

And I am so very glad that it gets easier and easier to exercise gratitude for Sasha and WanYing's first mothers.  They chose life for our girls.  They nurtured that life.  And the breathtaking girls who now keep my life interesting with the aforementioned temper tantrums, midnight wakeups, and screaming matches, came from their bodies and their genetics.  We have a complicated relationship, me and those two moms (no, we have never met and it will be a miracle and entirely up to the girls if we ever do, but we're related nonetheless).  And it's ok that it'll probably always be complicated.  I'm learning to appreciate complicated.  And I'm certainly grateful for the girls who have become mine through and despite that complexity.

Beside the complicated emotions that arise each Mother's Day, the rest of the day was sheer and simple fun.  Pancakes courtesy of Sam, whipped cream by Ben, grilled cheese sandwiches from Sam again, fabulous dinner and the first mojitos of the season by Daddy and super-thoughtful presents from all!

And now it's time to hit the hay - we get to leave the house tomorrow morning at 5 am for WanYing's surgery.  Wowsers!

Sash and Mommy show off our pretty toes

Sam's classic croquet pose...

...Sasha mimics

WanYing decides that we're all being silly hitting balls around the yard and opts to eat her Mini Wheats in the comfort of her convertable

Eventually WanYing did decide to get in on the game

Sasha was not a huge fan of Daddy "The Stinger" tagging her out

And just in case you think that we always take good photos (not that I think you're that deluded) here's one for the album!

Happy Mother's Day!

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Gift of Grace said...

Beautiful post, one I can relate to! Praying for WanYing and her mom and dad today. She is the third little girl we met in China in March having surgery this week. Lily and Maddox are having their cleft surgeries Tuesday. I can email you their family blogs if you want.


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