Monday, May 30, 2011


Nothing, but nothing, can make this kid smile like the call of "Noodles!" beckoning her to the table and the unveiling of a big old bowl of ramen.

My favorite part is the girls squealing, "Noonles, noonles, noonles!"

The only acceptable way to eat ramen - slurping

She does slurp it up like a seasoned professional!

She's still working on her chopstick technique

And, yes, she ate that entire bowl in one (long) sitting.


Sumptuous Stitching said...

Only the Lord knew that these two beautiful girls would be sisters in an amazing home! :) I'm sooo glad He blessed the awesome AMStar family with these happy lil' princesses! :) Miss you guys!
~Miss Cori

China Dreams said...

Our son ate Ramen almost daily for about the first year. Definitely worth stocking up on.



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