Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Be careful while you're doing this

 By Ben

This is very scary and may I remind you, do not try this at home, if you are not a trained biker, that is.  But if you're as trained as me, I bet you can.

I call this trick, "Aaahhhhh!" And I call the one handed, "Not-So-Aaaaaah!"

I can only go for about 3 seconds with no hands but I could probably ride around the block (not including the corners 'cause when I'm turning it's kinda hard to do that) with one hand.

Now my goal is to try breaking my record and go to 4 seconds with no hands.  But I could do the one-hand bike riding for 10 minutes.

That's Ben Morningstar, signing out.

[Editor's note: Ben's chants of, "Mom, Mom, take pictures of my new tricks" prompted Sasha to invent some new feats of her own that commanded photography.

I certainly have some very talented (and fearless!) children!]

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