Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Love You, Mommy

Today, my astounding two-year-old looked me straight in the eyes and, clear as a bell and unprompted, pronounced, "I love you, Mommy"

Not only is my baby stringing together 4-word phrases a mere 2 months after hearing English for the first time, but they're simply the most perfect words a mommy could ever hear!

This heart-stoppingly beautiful moment was followed shortly by Sasha being on the receiving end of a bite on the arm so hard that it left a mark for hours, so I'm not pretending that our job as parents is done here (as always, thank you, toddlers, for brutal reality checks).  But for a few moments there I got to enjoy the blessed assurance that we are truly on the road to becoming family.


China Dreams said...

Ups and downs, right?


Lou Ann said...

Oh my goodness, you need to give that girl a great big hug (just wear a turtle neck just in case!) How sweet is she? And what is a little bite between sisters really?

Lou Ann

Hewitt said...

Oh melt my heart!!

megustalamoda said...

Ohhh !! Que adorable es WanYing!!!
¿Cómo tiene su mano?

Con cariño,

Ohhh! That is WanYing adorable!
How is your hand?

With love,

Jennifer said...

Aw, so sweet. (Not the last part so much.)

E said...

Oh, I love it! She's not a vampire, tho, they profess love before biting. The kids are adorable.


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