Sunday, May 22, 2011


What did Daddy and the kids do on our beautiful Sunday afternoon? Well, of course, they fashioned weapons of destruction and whomped on each other!  All this family needs is a set of pool noodles and some PVC for an enjoyable afternoon of light saber duels.  And, yes, everybody fought over the Sith light saber.

The helmet was Sasha's idea. Unnecessary, but clearly a fashion "must"

Sash gets in on the action (remember, the Kazakhs are a fierce people!)

WanYing liked it, we promise, although she's going to need to up the aggression factor to really compete. The fact that she only has one usable bopper-grabbing hand right now probably didn't help.

All's well that ends well
Your Sunday may have been more peaceful, but you know it didn't beat ours for fun!


Bailey-Babe Blog said...

Love it! You guys totally beat my Sunday but you certainly brightened my Monday. ;)

China Dreams said...

You definitely know how to improvise!


Bob said...

I have 1 thing and 2 questions:
Thing 1 - Awesome!
Question 1 - How far into the pool noodles do you recommend inserting the PVC?
Question 2 - Did you use an adhesive of some sort to keep the noodles in place?
Thing 1 revisited - Awesome!


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