Monday, May 9, 2011

Sticky Hand No Longer!

Bye bye, pinky wave! And hello, high fives! We left the house at 5 am today with one "rosebud" hand and returned at 3 pm with five separated (albeit heavily bandaged) fingers!

The surgery only lasted about 2 hours and they were able to successfully separate her thumb and three adhered fingers without a problem.  It turns out that each of the fingers did have space separating it from the others, so that made the procedure a lot easier.  The surgeon showed us pictures of her hand post-op and it looked great - four stubby little fingers where one ball-o-finger once was.  We can't wait to see it in real life in a few weeks!

WanYing was a cherub pre-surgery... unfortunately, she must have used up all of her sweetness reserve because she was mad for the rest of the day. I would be, too, if my hand hurt and was all wrapped up and I had strangers checking on me every 20 seconds and a stupid IV in my foot. The nurses kept commenting that she was, "very strong" and "quite the fighter" and they're right! Those are traits that will serve her so well in life... but wrestling a furious (and strong) two year old for hours does wear a mommy out.

She pulled it together long enough to wolf down a tangerine and a yogurt and that was good enough for the staff - they said she was stable enough to go home and we were out of there!

(this is a photo taken during one of her blessed, blessed moments of quietness)

Her hand is all bandaged up in a "tape cast" that they'll remove at her follow-up appointment on June 6th.  I'm not exactly sure how we're supposed to keep the cast clean and dry for four whole weeks, but we'll do our best.  It is admittedly nice that she has something she can't unravel herself because you know she'd be picking at it if she could.  Oh, and the funniest part of the cast is that they left her super pinky out!  So we get to enjoy pinky waves for just a little while longer :)

Hmm... she looks really content in all of these photos. That's completely unfair. I guess the ones where she was writhing and windmilling her arms and legs didn't scream "photo op" to Steve and me at the time. Or maybe there really were more happy moments than I remember - those angry-baby times do stick in a Mommy's memory.

We're home safe and sound now. WanYing has been (understandably) cranky, but the 1-2 punch of ibuprofen and Tylenol is keeping her pain manageable. She's a fighter, this one - and I mean that in all of the best ways :)

Can't wait to post photos of her new hand in June!


Anonymous said...

She looks great!! What a trooper!

Laura García said...

Me acorde mucho de WanYing y de vosotros durante todo el día, me alegro de que todo saliera bien!!
Va a ser realmente dificil mantener la venda intacta :D

Con cariño,
I remembered a lot of WanYing and you all day, I'm glad that everything went well!
Going to be really hard to keep the band intact: D

With love,

Lou Ann said...

Yeah who!!I too was thinking about you all and praying that everything went well. So very glad it did. I hope she wakes up tomorrow just a little bit happier. At least the surgery is behind you.

Finger's crossed for a speedy recovery!
Lou Ann & Lexie too

Amelia said...

Wonderful!! So glad it all went well. Good luck this week as she recovers!

Jennifer said...

Yay! So glad it all went well! "All" being the surgery of course. :-) Angry babies do indeed tire a Mama out. Can't wait to see her precious little hand in a month!

Laura said...

Congrats, Morningstars!! High 5's all around.

My sweet, happy-go-lucky daughter morphs into a badger when we go to the doctor or board a plane. I feel for you guys, but it is good to know our kids are such fighters.

Sending good finger-healing vibes & prayers your way.
:o) Laura

Jessica and Chris said...

That is so wonderful! I'm glad it went smoothly. Will she need any therapy?

Paula said...

I am so happy for her! She is a cutie and you guys are awesome!

I have a question that I was hoping you would help me with. My daughter's pedi just referred her to Shriner's. Do you know how long in average until they contact you?

Thanks, and good luck with everything!

Don and Be said...

Steve and Jamie, I came across your blog from the Children with Limb Differences group. We adopted our daughter from Hunan China 3 years ago. She has ectrodactyly affecting both hands and feet. She is missing the middle 3 toes of each foot and index fingers of each hand with a syndactyly just separated 1 month ago at Shriners hospital in Tampa. The cast has just come off and now there are 2 fingers where there once was one! She will have therapy to regain function as she had a complicated surgery, but she is already doing things with her left hand. I can see that Wan Ying is a joyful child and she, like our Joanna Mei, brings much joy to your beautiful family. I just had to leave you a message as our daughters have much in common. We are Don and Be Schafhauser and we live in Orlando. We no longer keep our blog current but post often on facebook. We would love to hear from you. Our email address is We are very close to Walt Disney World and often meet up with adoptive families from around the US when they visit the mouse. Blessings to you and your family. Be Schafhauser


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