Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lego Creationary

by Sam

We got Dad Lego Creationary for his birthday and, really, I've been using it more than he has. Creationary is like Pictionary but with Legos. I like it. You get a card with a picture and you roll a die and that tells you what category you get. The four categories are: transportation, nature, things, and structures. My favorite category is... well, I just can't say!

These are my seven top favorites that I have taken pictures of. See if you can guess what they are before you look at the answers at the bottom!
Category:  Nature

Category: Things

Category: Transportation

Category: Transportation

Category: Transportation

Category: Things

Category: Nature
Answers (from top to bottom):  1. Dinosaur  2. Drums  3. Hot Air Balloon  4. Mars Rover  5.  Train  6. Watch  7. Watermelon

And that's it for my 7 faves!

1 comment:

MissM said...

I love Lego Creationary (I played it with Liz and her stepson). Those are some good creations - much more artistic than mine! My favorite category is structures - building the Sydney Opera House is a real feat!


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