Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sasha and Grammy Bedazzled

Today was a historic day in the Morningstar household - the day of four piercings!  That's right, Grammy and Sasha both added a bedazzled hole to each ear!  And, yes, they chose coordinating sparkle flower earrings (Sasha's are pink and Grammy's are blue).

On a related note, I came to a new understanding of why it is called "ear piercing" - my goodness but our girl can scream! But I do not believe that there was any lasting trauma; right after it was all over Sasha was proudly strutting about the mall, exposing her ears to anybody who was likely to admire. And, to their credit, Sam and Ben have repeatedly feigned surprise and awestruck wonder at the sheer brilliance of the pierced ears. They are truly good brothers.

Grammy was very, very brave.

Sasha starts to have second thoughts about whether or not this is really the great idea it seemed when we picked out the lovely, sparkly earrings.

I think Sasha would have liked seeing her newly-beautified ears in the mirror if she would have stopped screaming long enough to open her eyes... the mall piercing girl said that this would cure her of wanting piercings for life... I'm not sure I buy that, I'm pretty sure she'll still come home someday with some youthful indiscretion extraneous piercings.

But mere moments (and two lollipops and an ice cream) later, Sasha and Grammy proudly show off their new jewelry.  Both princesses look very lovely with their extra sparkle and all is right with the world.

Sasha did mention, however, that she doesn't want her WanYing to get her ears pierced because she doesn't want her to cry. Now that's a quality big sister for ya.


MissM said...

Sasha is looking so much older (and not just because of the earrings!). Maybe it's the longer hair? I don't know why, but she looks so much more grown up than when I was there 6 months ago.

Shelly said...

Thanks so much for the info. you posted.... Gracie's sponsor found us and is now going to supply pics!!! We are beyond thrilled!


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