Monday, January 24, 2011

Tubing at Soldier Hollow

There's a lot that I love about our church - life-changing fellowship, challenging and affirming Biblical teaching, plenty of places to serve, awesome kids programs... but if I had to rank all of those in order of maximum fun served up in 2 hours, well, nothing compares to our annual CenterPoint Church Day at Soldier Hollow!

And why do I love Church Day at Soldier Hollow?
1. No pesky up-hill walking, the miraculous tube-lift does it all for me!
2. We get to hang out with our church buddies from near and far

3. Hearing Sasha scream, "weeee!" all the way down the hill never gets old

4. And I just love hanging out with my family!

Thanks for satisfying my tubing needs for another year, CenterPoint!


China Dreams said...

Looks like great fun. I'm hoping to spend some time tubing over February break. Hopefully our little one enjoys it just as much as yours do.


The Fox Den said...

Can't wait to see Sasha and WanYing smiling down the mountain next year! It's one of my favorite events too :)


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