Monday, January 10, 2011

Celebrating WanYing

I am so blessed to have friends who believe that every baby should be celebrated rather than any of that only-throw-a-shower-for-the-first-baby nonsense!  And so on Friday WanYing and I were truly showered with love by my wonderful friend Laura, my moms, and a dozen sisters from church.

It was a lovely gathering  - the ladies brought fabric and notes for WanYing's 100 Good Wishes Quilt, we enjoyed "authentic" Chinese treats purchased at Provo's own Chinese grocery, and we received some very thoughtful, very useful gifts.

But hands down the best part of the evening was joining my sisters in prayer.  We prayed for WanYing, for our trip, for our family, for the bonding and all of the unique facets of adoption - agreeing in blessing for the whole process and blessing this little one who is already woven into the fabric of our family.

The food (even the "authentic" food) was met with enthusiasticapproval except for the plum juice, which was unanimously declared disgusto.

Laura demonstrates how to replace the fortune in a fortune cookie with a special message just for the Morningstars - we get to read them when we get home from China, so you know we're looking forward to that!

Present time!

For reasons that I will not be able to explain, about half of the shots on my camera had me making a face like this.  This was the least embarrassing of the bizarro-face photos.

Sweet matching dresses for the girls from our moms

Sasha models her adorable new dress - can't wait to see the girls in their matching dresses side-by-side!

And I just had to include a photo showcasing the new earrings.  Adorable!
It was a beautiful evening, and I am so grateful for these friends and sisters who value our family so much and show us such tender love.  It sure makes a girl feel special.


The Fox Den said...

I'm so sad to have missed it! Those dresses are wonderful!! Hope Steve is doing better.

Jen said...

Sasha looks adorable in her dress--do send me a photo of both girls in them together


Susan said...

i love the dress for the girls, but what i noticed MOST in these pics is that you look beautiful. I think it must be your gorgeous non toxic skin. Seriously, you are BEAUTIFUL and glowing. Pregnancy obviously agrees with you...and what special friends you have. :) ooh the matching girl clothes would be fun fun fun. :)

Jen said...

I would love to email you directly regarding adoption.


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