Monday, January 17, 2011

Sleeps 6 - Getting Cuter!

We worked hard on the girls' room this weekend and it's all looking significantly cuter. I was congratulating myself on the fact that it could almost pass for organizedish until I realized that the only reason I could walk in their room is that the toy box and table and chairs were relocated to our room. On the up-side, if I lose 75 pounds and two feet of height, I will be able to comfortably enjoy tea parties in my very own room.

The faux-canopy and fairie lights above WanYing's bed are really cute - the photos don't do them justice. Once we get the bookshelves/cubbies/junk repositories installed next to WanYing's bed, I'll try to take better photos.

I figure that I must have succeeded in the cuteness efforts since it took Sasha roughly 2 hours to settle down and fall asleep on her first night in her new bed. Only something really cute would keep a kid awake and excited for that long, right?

And kudos to Daddy for ensuring that the girls' room is free from decapitation hazards thanks to the new light fixture (goodbye, fan) and normal-sized persons can enter the bed thanks to the newly shortened bed legs (thank you, hack saw).


Lou Ann said...

Way cute!! And I love the twinkle lights. I might have to borrow (okay steal) the idea for Lexie's big girl room.
I'm sure both girls will make lots of wonderful memories in that beautiful space made just for them!

sandyamstar said...

Love it!!! Abby keeps asking when Sasha is going to go up and down in the airplane and visit!!! Now that she sees Sasha & WanYing's beautiful room, I think she'll be headed west any day!!!

Susan said...

love the bed..super cute and fun. and when did Sasha get so big and get such long curly hair? what a doll!! I think she needs some of that Ava anderson shampoo and conditioner on those pretty curls. :)


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