Friday, January 7, 2011

New WanYing Picture!

Sorry for the spotty postings for the past couple of weeks - I've been recovering from a sinus infection that I just couldn't kick and then yesterday discovered via a ginormous, itchy, and hugely embarrassing full-body rash that I'm allergic to penicillin, and Steve is experiencing an eye infection and apparent flareup of a unilateral face virus that makes the left side of his face puffy and very sensitive. So, we've had quite the adventure in doctor and pharmacy copays over the past few weeks.

But you didn't click on our blog link to hear about our prescriptions - you came because we have a new picture of WanYing to show off! Hooray! This photo came from our new friend Laura this morning:

She's looking so much older isn't she? And mischievous (uh oh!). It's hard to believe that she'll be two next month.

We don't have any paperwork updates yet - we got notification that USCIS received our I-800 application, but as far as we know we haven't passed through any more U.S. immigration paperchase milestones. As long as we hear something next week, we should still be on track to travel in March, so we're not worried.

We're coming for you just as fast as we can, little one!


China Dreams said...

If you're allergic to penicillin, you may want to get a list of foods to avoid. I have a friend who has this allergy and she can't eat commercially grown turkeys because they're fed a lot of it to prevent disease.

Lovely picture.


Lou Ann said...

Oh Jamie she's really growing a lot and just so adorable! And yes she has the Morningstar twinkle in her eye. You have to know you are in trouble times 4. How cool!! Sasha is going to have so much fun teaching her all kinds of things, like how to be a princess, and climb trees and bug their brothers. Ain't life grand!

Happy 2011!!!
Lou Ann & Lexie too

Al and Lyndsie said...

I love Wan Yings beautiful pink lips and cute little smirk ;) I hope you and Steve start feeling better soon!


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