Sunday, January 30, 2011

Last Call for Good Wishes!

Ok, that's not really true, you're never too late to send your good wishes, but we're reaching the end of our 100 Good Wishes Quilt fabric collection for WanYing.  I know that there are several packages enroute, even from Europe(!) and if you haven't sent your note and fabric yet, now is your chance!

We'd love to include as many prayers and good wishes as we can possibly get from our family and friends - old, new, church, work, neighborhood, school, and blogosphere.  So if you're reading this, that means that we'd love to include you in WanYing's quilt!

And it's super-easy, we promise:
  1. Select fabric that you like from your craft supplies, old clothing, project pile, or the fabric store - maybe it's meaningful to you, maybe it has some history, or maybe you just think that it's pretty. It should be 100% cotton and woven (not knit, not like a t-shirt). If each member of your family wants to select their own, all the more good wishes for WanYing!
  2. Cut a 12" x 12" (or larger) piece and another little scrap of the fabric for the note
  3. Write a note for WanYing with your good wishes. You could include a scripture, a quote, song lyrics, a picture of you, and/or your own heartfelt blessings and prayers for her future. Do whatever expresses your good wishes for WanYing. Don't forget to include your name!
  4. Add a scrap of the fabric to your note, so that WanYing can match your quilt square to your good wishes.  We'll put all of the notes in a book for her to read as she grows.
  5. Get your fabric and good wishes to us! You can give them directly to us, send them via mail (95 S 300 E, Orem, UT 84058), or give them to either of our moms if you're in the Westminster, Md. area.
Thanks so much for helping us put together such a precious gift for our new little one.  We can't wait to envelope her in all of your love and good wishes!

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