Friday, January 21, 2011

WanYing Update!

Beware - by looking at the following photos, you will fall pretty hard for our little girl. Consider yourself warned.

Yesterday we got our long-awaited WanYing update from WACAP and learned the answers to some of our lingering questions about WanYing and her current living situation. And, most importantly, we got awesome and adorable photos of our baby girl!

Height:  33 inches (up from 30 inches in October)
Weight: 24 pounds (up from 20 pounds in October)
Foot length:  4.7 inches (I wonder what shoe size that is?)
Number of teeth: 16

What are WanYing's favorite words and phrases? She now can call daddy and mommy, and says “let’s eat” and “go play”. Can understand what an adult speaks to her.

How many fingers does she have on her right hand (we have had trouble telling from photos exactly what's going with her right hand)? There is a finger on her right hand and it can move and form a firm grip on objects. [And we are so excited that there are pictures of her grasping blocks in both hands!]

Is WanYing still living with her foster family? She’s already taken back to the
orphanage to live. [This isn't surprising, but we're sorry to hear that she will have endured so much transition in the previous and future couple of months]

Does WanYing have nicknames or is she called by any other name? No nickname and we just call her Wan Ying.

Other glimpses into WanYing's personality: She is a smart girl who not want to play with a dirty toy. When she sees garbage on the floor she would pick it up and throw it into the garbage can. She is a generous girl who likes to share foods or toys with her roommates.

This is such a great update and makes us all the more excited and anxious to get to China and hold this sweet little girl in our arms!


China Dreams said...

Wow; great update. Really gives you a glimpse into her little personality. Our son lived in the orphanage for a few months before we went for him, and I think that it helped him in the end, as awful as it was-he didn't hate us, he hated that place.


Susan said...

awww! she is darling!!! what a great lil spunky personality. when do you go???

Mishelle said...

She is so cute!!

The Fox Den said...


MissM said...

I'm glad to hear that last response. It sounds like she and Sasha will get along well. I can't wait to hear about how they interact - it won't be long now!

Lori Printy said...

cuteness! Love her smile, her eyes just twinkle. I bet the foster mother called her Ying Ying...very common or even Ying Mei (little Ying). These are very common milk names. Thinking the orphanage staff may not know(???)

BTW looks like she will have no problem holding ski poles!

Shelly said...

Great update! Her pictures are taken in a different room from where Gracie's are taken! It's funny how when you see another child from your child's orphanage, you just soak up all the background images, just trying to get a small glimpse into their life! She looks great and has grown so much!

Selena said...

I love these photos - it is so great to see her sweet smile! What an amazing update!

Anna said...

I am so excited for you! I hope that time flies between now and when you get on the plane. I can't think of a more perfect home for Wan Ying to grow up in - she won't have a disability, just another reason to be more loved.

Al and Lyndsie said...

Her smile melts my heart! Was a sweet little lady, I can't wait to see her happy and surrounded by her forever family. Thanks for the update!

Ben and Julie said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I hope you travel in March. I'm in the I800A waiting line. Again, she's beautiful!


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