Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Five Favorite Pictures

by Sam

These are my five favorite photos from my disposable film camera. I got it in an arcade game that was 50 cents per play. I also won a laser pointer.

The photos are from, of course, Disney World. We're late at posting 'cause it took a while to, you know, develop the film.

This is Zurg in jail at the end of a Buzz Lightyear mission ride thing
This is the terrifying Mickey Mouse
This is mouse-in-the-box from the golf course
And here we are in front of a horseless carriage out front in the Haunted Mansion

And this is Prince Charming/Belle/Every-other-princess-in-the-world castle at dusk.

That's all my photos! Well, my five favorites.

1 comment:

Smith Fam said...

Fabulous photos, Sam! And great commentary, too.


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