Sunday, July 4, 2010

Balloon Fest

A cool July morning in quiet Provo, Utah. Dawn breaks. A giant piggy bank soars majestically above the high school ballfields. A child shrieks, "Goo nuh noyse. No wike noyse! No wike dis! Go way, go way! Me want go home." Boys trudge along in an early-morning stupor. The Morningstars must be at the Freedom Festival Balloon Fest.

Sasha says of this photo, "Scawy. I cry. I no yike dat Coke."

Sasha was thrilled, however, whenever we ran up and whacked a balloon and ran away. She was happy with the balloons as long as she could swat at them and they didn't look like giant looming pigs or Coke bottles and weren't too loud. Or they could be in the air, they were fine if they were in the air.

The Kiwanis pancake breakfast, however, met with her resounding approval.

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