Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quotes of the Week

(Jamie) Ben, what did you have for snack today at Kudos?
(Ben) Krispy Kremes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles!
(Jamie) Oh, my, so you've only had donuts to eat today?
(Ben) And Skittles!

I stand corrected

(Jamie) Stephen! We are not bribing the children to drink scotch!

(Sam) Mom, how much does a disposable lighter cost?

Yeah, that question doesn't worry a Mommy

(Jamie) Sash, what should we make for lunch?



Jennifer said...

Wackymoni! I love it!

Great quotes, and of course scotch quote just begs for context! (Sounds like something one would hear in our house.) ;-)

marymary said...

Wackymoni is my new favorite word.


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