Saturday, July 24, 2010

Park City Morningstar-Style

One of the most important goals for our staycation in Park City was a trip on the Alpine Coaster. Our attendance at the Snowboard Grand Prix this winter was marred by the early closure of the coaster (lame!) and we promised ourselves that we would make it up to Park City again this year to ride the slide.

But first we had to get there.

We all walked down from our condo to Park City's Main Street for the Sunday market. Thinking ahead, Sasha brought provisions - a leftover pork rib from our bbq the night before. That's a lot of foresight for a toddler. Nauseating foresight. Cold ribs before noon are not on my personal menu.

The children scaled the bronze bear, ate copious amounts of kettle corn, and wilted in the sun while Steve and I split a lobster roll. Yes, a lobster roll in Utah. And it rocked. Of course, a lobster roll in Utah costs $15 because they fly the lobster in from Maine every day, but it was worth every penny. Lobster = good before noon.

Then we were faced with decisions - how should we get to the Alpine Coaster? Take the free bus? Mundane. Walk? Hot. Ride the town lift and hike down the mountain to the coaster? Ding ding ding! Hiking down mountains is our kind of exercise.

I swear, she begged me to put the bow in her hair. I think this is a perfect illustration of why I don't do Sasha's hair more often

In retrospect, we could have made more appropriate footwear choices for a hike. Sasha was the only one with sturdy shoes and she rode on Steve's back

Always fun to hike past the slope signs

The dandelions were a huge hit with the under-four set

The bigger kids went with bigger dandelions of course!

Happy hiker

And finally we arrived at the slide-and-coaster zone and it was time to enjoy the ride. A very pleasant Sunday morning indeed.

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