Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Third of July!

by Sam

Yes, we did do our fireworks on the third of July because if we did them on the fourth of July we'd have to do them in a drive-in parking lot. [since the Fourth was on a Sunday, most folks in the Valley celebrated on the third. We joined in the neighborhood celebration on the 3rd and headed to the drive in on the Fourth for a double feature on Sunday]

You wouldn't believe the casualties the soldiers suffered. The pictures only show a tiny fraction of the injuries, in my opinion. I must say, of the many I tested, I'm guessing probably the Stars and Stripes did the most damage, however the upper body of a soldier did get melted off because of a Ground Bloom Flower.

I must say, I think the Countdown is my favorite. My all time favorite. I must say, I think the funnest is truly the Crazy Eyeballs and the one-and-a-half inches. If the cops came by, we would be in so much trouble. I wonder where Mark got those? [the inch-and-a-halves were left by some fabulous friends when they moved out of state. Sam was fascinated by the idea of using semi-legal incendiaries]

Sasha hated the noise and we ended up giving her headphones. They were completely noise-canceling. She was a lot happier then.

I know you'll see pictures of this, but the monkey dance I think is awesome. The inspiration was from Kudos Kiddos, our church Sunday School singing group. They do a dance like that for a short, maybe 5 seconds. It's my favorite part of the song. We were using strobes and they turned to ash - there wasn't anything left from the strobes!

Happy Third of July!

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marymary said...

I must say, I love Sam's turns of phrase.


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