Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ice Cups

by Ben

It was absolute torture because I kept saying, "no more pictures!" and my hands kept getting freezing cold. [Editor's note: No, my children are not perfectly willing blog victims all the time, but they do play along more often than not]

These things are called ice cups. They are ice but they're like cups and so pretty much they're ice cube cups. I got them for my birthday. I also got ice straws for my birthday and I really like them.

Daddy, when he was drinking, he got a dribble cup. That's why there was some Shasta and it was falling out of his cup because there was a hole.

1 comment:

Smith Fam said...

Thanks for the post, Ben! I've never seen ice cups, so you've intrigued me. I especially want to get the trick one that will do an unexpected dribble on my girls.


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