Thursday, July 29, 2010

Waiting a month for fingerprints

One small step closer to Mei Mei - we finally got our USCIS fingerprinting appointment! This is the last prerequisite for the pre-approval for Mei Mei's visa (the hallowed I-800A), which is the last piece of paper we need in order for our dossier to be complete.

Unfortunately, the appointment isn't until August 20th, and then it will probably take 2 or 3 weeks beyond that for the I-800A to be issued, but at least we finally have an appointment!

After receiving our I-800A, all of our paperwork needs to be verified by the Utah Lt. Governor's office, the Dept. of State in DC, and the Chinese Consulate in DC, but those steps should be pretty short.

Timeline updated - and we're still within striking distance of a match in late September or October, traveling 4 to 6 months after that.

We're coming, little one, we just have a few jillion more bureaucratic hurdles to transcend!

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The Fox Den said...

VERY exciting! I still remember us chatting about your hopes for this on the slopes this winter... who knew everything would get going this year!! :) Praying!


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