Monday, July 12, 2010

Battle Creek Falls

Over the past few months I've become increasingly obsessed with local hikes that we haven't taken... well, I've been as obsessed as a person can be without actually packing up the family and hiking said trails. Admittedly, I lose interest once actual movement is required.

Last Monday the research and print-outs finally led to action and we took to the trail to explore Battle Creek Falls in Pleasant Grove. The packs were overkill for our mile stroll, but we're in training for a Timp climb this summer and had to try out the new pack Ben got for his birthday!

Before embarking upon an adventure, it's good to take a quick survey of the... surrounding parking lot
Ben takes the road less traveled. Why walk on a path when there's a perfectly good dry stream bed 15 feet below the trail?
Ben continues to take the road less traveled - this time the stream has water
Once more, road-less-traveled Ben (are you detecting a theme?) takes an alternate path
Almost there...
Woo hoo! We made it to the falls! A perfect (and cool) picnic spot

And back down again. Sam found a stump and decided it was a Kiddie Kandids-like scene and insisted on a portrait. Good call, Sam, this is a great shot. Maybe Mommy should Photoshop the dirt streaks off of Sasha before we print the 8x10's though.

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Anna said...

Ben's short hair still throws me off... I have also done much research and not a lot of hiking!


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