Monday, June 7, 2010

Kudos Kiddo

Ben's Dictation:

Kudos is a thing where you sing and dance. You sing and dance for God. In the practice you get snacks. Then at the end you all get together and put your hands in and pull them out and say, "Kudos!"

Today I did some Kudos and it was fun. I led all of the kids in Upstreet in dancing.

It is fun being in Kudos.

The End.

Editor's (Mom's) notes: This Sunday was Ben's first week leading Kudos Kidmo' (as in, "Kid Motions") for the Upstreet gang at church. Fortunately, he still knows that having his mom come to Sunday School to take pictures of him is cool.

And, no, nobody recognized him with his new haircut.

1 comment:

The Robeys said...

I almost didn't recognize him with the new haircut! Wow!


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