Monday, June 28, 2010

My Summer Vacation

My Summer Vacation
by Sam

During my summer vacation I've been working on electronic projects. I've made power regulators, I've made light shows, I've even used a dip switch. My favorite thing I've made, though, is a POV (Persistence of Vision).

A POV is basically a bunch of LEDs that when you wave your hand while holding it it makes either words or drawings. The lights pulse so that when it's moving really fast it makes a display. Persistence of Vision is sometimes used in clocks, but we are going to put ours on our ceiling fan [editor's note: so that when the fan whirls around, you can read "Sam and Ben's Room" all night every night].


Smith Fam said...

That is totally wicked cool. I have to see this, live and in person, on the fan. Way to use those summer days in awesome ways, Sam!

The Van Zomeren Four! said...

That is just way awesome!!!!

Hewitts4Him said...

So cool...Kennah wants you to teach us!


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