Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Magic Kingdom

The Kazlings invaded The Magic Kingdom on Monday and it sure did live up to its name. We had a fantastic day - so great, in fact, that we didn't get back to our hotel room until 1 am! Now that's how you make the most of your park admission. Of course, the next day we were useless for anything but lounging at the pool and Sasha took a 4 hour nap, but that's a small price to pay for all that magic.

We waited online to visit with Mickey Mouse, which didn't disappoint in entertainment value. Sasha hated it. I mean, we're talking screaming kicking angry terror. The picture really doesn't do the experience justice, although if you click on it and zoom in on Sasha's face you can get a little taste of her displeasure. Here's how she describes it:
Big Micky Mouse wewy wewy scawy. My cwy. My say, "aaaah" like dat.

Of course, now she'll tell you that Mickey Mouse is really nice, as long as it's a little Mickey Mouse, so the damage wasn't permanent.

My highlight was taking Sasha to visit the princesses. Talk about something I never (ever!) imagined doing! Steve joined the line just as we were about to walk in and I think was a little overwhelmed by the daughter in Cinderella dress, wife crying over daughter in Cinderella dress, surrounded by hundreds of other daughters in princess dresses but to his credit he stuck it out and even took pictures. I think the fact that the room was air conditioned didn't hurt.

When we first walked into the majesty of the princess visiting area and Sasha saw those lovely ladies in poofy dresses, she completely freaked out (I no like it! I no like it!). You'll notice this theme of terror when Sasha meets Disney characters in real life. Put Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) completely charmed Sasha and has earned my eternal gratitude for convincing my daughter that princesses are not "wewy wewy scawy." By the time we met the third princess in the line Sash even gave Belle a hug! And, again, Mommy cried.

In stark contrast with Mommy's favorite part of the day, Daddy's warmest memory is of the moving, talking, interactive trash can. I am not making this up. This is Disney Magic to my husband. In his defense, though, the trash can was really funny. Sam even gave it a hug as we left the dining area.

Here are a couple of other choice shots from the day:

A mama-Sasha self portrait on Aladdin's magic carpets. The girl loves those up and down rides!

Sasha, Oxana, and Olivia (one of Sasha's old crib-mates) rest in the shade. It was so great to see Oxana again!

You know it was a long day if Sam can fall dead asleep on the train station steps!

And we all slept very soundly that night.

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Jennifer M said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! I can't wait till my kiddos are just a little bit older so we can go!


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