Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Kazlings!

The day after returning from our informal Karaganda reunion, our homestudy agency, the fabulous Families for Children, hosted a Kazakhstan adoptive families picnic up in Parley's Canyon.

It was our first time meeting so many local parents who have adopted from Kazakhstan, and the best part was meeting quite a few adoptive kids who are now in their teens. I know it probably sounds silly, but it was reassuring to see those teens and tweens paling around and playing soccer and doing normal teen stuff (if the words normal and teen can be used in the same sentence)... just a good reminder that adoption, although an important part of these kiddos' identities, doesn't always dominate every aspect of life. And it was good for the soul to be around other families who understand the acronyms and the struggles and the joys of being an adoptive, multi-ethnic family.

A fitting end to a Kaz-tastic week!

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Lou Ann said...

Wow - I just caught up on all of your vacation posts and I now have vacation envy. Looks like you all had a blast and I have to say I LOVE the wild west photos!

Lou Ann & Lexie too


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