Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Improvement + Holiday Weekends

Apparently when I nest I go all the way - the house is begging for a makeover and fortunately my fantastic husband is good-humored about the whole mad adventure!

To be fair, these are projects that have been begging to happen - first came refinishing the floors, I've already purchased 7 gallons of paint for the living room, and we spent our Memorial Day replacing the guest bedroom carpet! What's next? Well, I have my eye on our bedroom carpet and new paint for the guest room, but these projects can wait a few weeks.

Today I learned that:
  1. Ripping up carpet sucks
  2. My husband is very leery of DIY flooring projects
  3. Yes, you can recarpet a room in carpet squares, despite said husband's nervousness and Eeoreishness about the whole thing, and have it all look pretty dang good!
  4. Despite his reservations, Steve stayed with the project through its bitter end and neither of us threatened violence (despite the availability of box cutters and our normal "playful" tension while doing projects together). Apparently we both have learned something about grace in these almost 12 years of marriage!
Hope you can vicariously enjoy the adventures of the day through these photos. Don't try this at home:

Goodbye, disgusting peachy-rose-colored carpet from the 80's (?). And all of our guests rejoice!
Sasha was rather disturbingly handy with a hammer - and enthusiastic to boot!
Jamie lays out the Flor squares (this was the part where Steve started, reasonably, to get really nervous)
But it all came together fabulously! Here Sasha and Sam are inspired by the deep-blue color of the carpet (yes, the color was "ocean")
Sam thought that a "man overboard!" shot would be hilarious
And, of course, his sister had to follow right along with her own mimicking photo!
Hooray! One more project done, an endless supply yet to come... But Mei Mei's going to come home to one heck of a put-together home!

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Hewitts4Him said...

Looks Fab...so inspiring, na I think we will just move :)


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