Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goodbye, Disney World

I'm thinking that a full week of posts about our Florida adventures is pushing it, so I'll combine the last 2 days into one chock-full-of-fun post.

Here's our mini-golf experience in the fewest words possible: hot, Sasha cheated (a lot), boys had trouble with high-sticking, boys loved holes with squirt-gun traps, lots of fun.
Our last stop in the Florida-Kazakhstan adventure was the Typhoon Lagoon water park. Man, do I love water parks. I'm so glad my whole family feels the same way!

Ben was ready to go swim before we even purchased our tickets!

Sash loved it all - and her haircut doesn't look quite so rediculous when it's wet, right? (just let me live in my delusions)

The wave pool was a total blast. Ben loved being thrown over the waves (he's the dot wearing a blue lifevest), while Sam preferred to be carried by them - needless to say, we all got a workout!

One last hurrah with the Beasleys

We had a fantastic time hanging out in Florida with such wonderful families. A week definitely wasn't long enough - who's planning next year's reunion?!?

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